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Struggles of an Athlete

  • Hayk Gyokchyan


First blog ever, just like first day of practice, except nothing like it. First day of practice seems like a piece of cake compared to the courage I had to develop in order to start blogging. I have no idea what I am doing but I am pretty sure why I decided to write. Instead of watching shows on Netflix I have already seen, I decided to do something productive with my life and invest in putting my life into words. Who will read this? Quite frankly I do not know. But I hope that whoever does will come to enjoy understanding what goes on in this silly mind of mine.

I still have no idea how often or how long to make my posts. The most common opinion on google is to keep the blog short and sweet, about 600 words, with frequent posts in order to generate more traffic. I doubt I will be able to follow that model… Instead, I will just go with what makes me feel comfortable. Some days I will be too exhausted to even want to think about 100 words, some days I will be so bored that I might even hit 1000. But I know for sure that I will never have enough energy to post everyday. I am quite certain that in the beginning, posts will be frequent and insightful, and that content and frequency will diminish over time as I lose interest. But hopefully I will prove myself wrong because of all your positive feedback.

Enough rambling... The reason behind my posts will be to provide insight to struggles I face in my daily life. Topics will contain anything and everything that could even slightly affect performance or state of mind. I hope writing about challenges I face will help me overcome them in the future by analyzing what went wrong and what I could have done differently or to prevent it in the first place. Not only will my posts be about basketball but they will also include problems I face in the gym while lifting, the toll my body and mind take, the amount of pressure I am subdued to, family and girlfriend problems I might have and various other. It is said that 90 percent of the game is mental and being in a healthy state of mind results in being able to transfer all your energy and potential into the physical activity required to perform at my peak.

I look forward to this new journey in which I will partake with my readers and hopefully my mind won’t be a total waste of your time, the most valuable thing you have.

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